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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 534

Happy Friday! Are any of you having difficulty wrapping your brains around the fact that it is now August 2017 and the year (the second and final of G.O’s military service) is more than half over?! It is off the charts exciting because we are soon to have G.O back. In all honesty though, he really has done well in making us feel as if he has not even been away. For real, right? His countless survival reports have remedied any pain and longing we may have felt over the course of these 534 days. He has been amazing at keeping in contact. We are so lucky. We are also lucky in that he has left a robust trail of pictures, cams and performances that have kept us (well, at least me anyway) satiated while we hunger for his return. This would include today’s offering from the Blaq Style days. Oh my . . . when G.O asks you to stay in his heart and also pleads for one more try, he means business.

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A Whole “Lotte” of Spectacular


Really, I did have a plan today.  But, as has been the case, I got side-tracked.  For this vacation, I have now adopted the motto “the plan is that there is no plan”…well, except for July 10th as there is definitely a plan for THAT day!

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