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The Fangirl Adventure Log Retires

Hello everyone! It has been a month now since my beloved G.O was discharged from his mandatory military service.  Some of you may be wondering why I have abruptly stopped writing about him since his discharge. I can assure you that it has nothing to do with a break in my love or support. It is just time to quietly retire this blog. It is clear that The Fangirl Adventure Log started out on one path but quickly became a vehicle to celebrate the artistry of G.O. From the moment I chose to include G.O on my very short list of K-Shots of Hot, the entire direction and indeed focus of the blog became an homage to him, and stayed that course through 17 February 2018. And while it is true that I could continue to write about his journey as a BJ [Broadcast Jockey] on the live streaming site AfreecaTV, I am choosing not to do so. I encourage all to check out his broadcasts which he began on the evening following his fan meeting on 24 February. He has gone live every night since at 10:00PM KST. As with any live broadcast, things can be unpredictable, but G.O seems to have found a nice groove as a BJ, is doing well and continues to expand his audience. I support him in this endeavor (and all he endeavors to do) and always look forward to each new broadcast.

You can also connect with G.O on his YouTube Channel and at his Naver Cafe.

As for The Fangirl Adventure Log, all the content presently contained here will remain [with the exception of any broken YouTube links – I have no control over those which are not mine]. So if you want to revisit the days we counted down towards G.O’s military discharge, you are are always welcome, as each of those 730 days (and more) will be here to greet you.

Thank you so much for supporting me in my own blogging journey. I may return to blog about something new in the future.

Many heartfelt thanks and love to you all.



The End Is Only The Beginning ~ Welcome Back, G.O!

And with a huge sigh and jubilant smile I can finally say . . . G.O has successfully completed his military service!!  This end however signifies a greater beginning. In less than one week’s time we will get what many of us have longed for since he enlisted (and perhaps even before that): a new song!! Yes, back on 10 February, when he chatted with his fans in MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe, G.O said a new digital single will be released on 23 February (a duet). He also said he has a schedule set for the four days following that release, one of which we already know about: his Fan Meeting on 24 February. The days that follow are mysteries that will be revealed at that fan meeting. But he did mention that more new music will be coming in March-April. The excitement is almost too much to contain! Are you ready? Because I know that I am. I have been ready since 18 February 2016!!

Welcome Back, G.O!!!

We have missed you and are ready to feel the magic of your music, your talent and indeed, your artistic heart, once again.~😍



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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 709

During this final year of G.O’s military service, we have been very fortunate to have received many updates from a man who is clearly in a good…no, GREAT place physically, emotionally and most likely, spiritually. Inasmuch as I have enjoyed the entirety of these 709 days thus far, it is in within the last year that I have felt a true sense of ease knowing G.O is doing well. And, is happy. Like in really happy. For today, I honor that happy by way of a cam from a fan sign years ago. It is another Fan-Camming Friday and I would like to honor G.O’s playful fan service which is pretty much one of his signature trademarks. So back to 6 June 2010 to relive a little playful G.O from the TBJ fan sign.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 706

I admit to being apprehensive about including G.O’s involvement in the December 2012 SBS Gayo Daejeon Color of K-Pop extravaganza here on the countdown for one reason and one reason only: He had to share the spotlight. Now, I am not adverse to him sharing the spotlight, usually. I don’t mind when he is on stage with his MBLAQ brothers or on the musical stage with other musical actors. But because I am not so keen about him losing vocal time as rule (even as a member of MBLAQ), I am less enamored of him losing it to other idols! Extreme bias rising over here! Nevertheless, I enjoyed his collaboration as part of Dramatic Blue and happily place it in the Heavenly Collaborations file here on the Countdown. Besides, he looked extraordinarily handsome in that blue Guy Laroche suit.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 704


As you know, Vocal Virtuosity moments come in all shapes and sizes here on the Countdown. From short samples to full length songs, I honor all where G.O’s voice is the main attraction. Today is a short sample offering. And, as always, a beautiful vocal moment from our gentle main vocal man. At the 2nd Official Japan Fan Meeting on 12 August 2011, G.O serenaded his JA+ with a few lines from Kim Bum Soo’s 네버 엔딩 스토리 [Neverending Story] and no doubt created an ache for more.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 698

Sometimes I hesitate to write about the mid to latter part of 2014. For me personally, the first half was extremely special and I always seem to want to go back and relive those exciting days of seeing and hearing G.O for the first time. But as the year moved on, things got a little difficult and yes, even sad. Still, there was so much G.O (and MBLAQ) to enjoy in 2014. There was the release of the Japanese single, Still In Love, the Broken comeback and of course the magnificence of watching G.O settle into being a formidable musical theater actor on both the Seopyeonje and Kingdom of the Winds stages. The men also traveled quite a bit in the summer months of that year which is fortunate for when I want to share some of G.O’s Airport Style. Today, just a quick and simple look back at G.O’s Incheon style on 6 June 2014, when he and guys departed for Mexico to begin a mini Latin American tour. Continue reading

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 696

Well it is Saturday my lovelies and we are closing in on the 700th day of G.O’s service. Can you believe it? Let’s just everyone breathe for a few seconds, okay? I am trying to keep a lid on my own excitement, but it is growing next to impossible. And it will continue to be impossible to contain it as we get closer to the actual discharge date. Therefore, I will simply embrace it and will do so by keeping the energy flowing with another G.O Dance Break moment. It is a Saturday after all! So hop into the MBLAQ time machine with me and let’s travel back to Episode 6 of Idol Army.

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