The Fangirl Adventure Log


As a fangirl, it would stand to reason I have had some biases. When I first started this blog under its inception concept, Your Daily K-Shot of Hot, I was a pretty focused Rain fangirl. I actually have to give Rain full credit for delivering me promptly into fangirl land. I also have had some majah love for the K-Shots I did feature, especially JYJ’s Kim Junsu and actor, Yoo Seung Ho.

A quick perusal of my blog, however, will reveal that I have officially been delivered into OTB-land (one true bias) and MBLAQ’s main vocal G.O indeed has staked his claim. It is kind of cool that my affections have moved from Rain to someone he obviously finds talented for he chose G.O to be part of MBLAQ. It is fair to say that my bias towards G.O has me featuring him more often than other things (and/or people). Fangirl license!^^

Now I know blogging is hard work.  I discover each time I sit down to write that it can even be grueling at times and I am not sure if I have what it takes. But it certainly seems like a fun adventure (oh…there’s that word again)! I know the dedication, effort and time it takes.  Just check out THIS amazing blog by my dear friend, Kfangurl.  I credit her with serving up some truly enticing swoon-worthy tidbits in addition to a collection of comprehensive and entertaining reviews. I feel really lucky to have stumbled upon her blog and befriended her as a result.  It seems that when you come right down to it, the only one who can really understand a fangirl is simply another fangirl! 🙂

So that’s me in a nutshell…well, sort of! I also love to travel, collect cameras (old and new), sort of play the piano, like to get my yoga on, and find taking part in random acts of kindness is the best way to live life.♥

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Woo! Thanks for the honorable mention! ^^ Do I have the honor of being the first comment on your spanking new blog?!? ;D Congrats, everything I’ve seen looks great so far! ^^


    • Yes, you are…..and I thank you for being such an inspiration and patient Sangsaenim! Still trying to wrap my brain around it all and will continue to tweak this as I go along. My only hope is that I gave Rain a fair turn. He was the impetus for me to give this a try…well, you were too! So, I bow humbly to you and extend my most sincerest gratitude! <3<3<3


    • Omo…I thought this was a mistake!!! Thank you so very much…I love the Liebster!! And, I really dig your blog. But then, what is there NOT to like about Jang Hyuk? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will get on those Liebster Q’s right quick!


  2. Okay, how can I not nominate you for the Sunshine Award? You’re my sunshine, my daily sunshine! Here is my post:


    • If you consider crazy whack behavior sunshine…well alrighty then!! Thank you, love. I am humbled and honored. Working on the post….as you and my other pocket of sunshine, Kfangurl, both nominated me. Muuaaaaah!!!


  3. Hi Michele, I have nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award! Congrats!


  4. Boom, it passed through the clouds and it’s a sunshine award for ya!


  5. thank you so much for making this blog! It means a lot for someone who has never stopped loving MBLAQ!


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