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Stalking: Bi Rain & Yoo Seung Ho

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This really turned out to be a super delicious Sunday!!♥♥

collMy world just collided beautifully! Seriously, how can I sleep in peace everyday now knowing there are more of these out there in net world? Woke up this morning and was presented by Michele of Your Daily K-Shot of Hot this grand CF and my cherry popped right away! You can’t ask for more when Rain and Seung Ho are in the same commercials showing us some of their daebak actions! It feels so surreal having to see them up close and be in the own real skin. This is a 2011 commercial for Adidas for winter workout. For all I know, the workout gear shown mostly at the beginning of 5 seconds and the rest mainly focusing on the actors being comfortable in their workout gear and moves!

*giggles* *blushes*… so you can see Seung Ho looks a tad younger but I think he showed us a few…

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